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With continuous focus on development, our mission is to be the market-leading manufacturer and supplier of outdoor elevator systems.

Focus on development

For a number of years, we at HYDRO-CON A/S have focused on development based on our existing product range. In particular, the focus has been on our outdoor elevator solution, which we no longer hesitate to call ourselves experts within. We are in the forefront of the industry, which we are proud of - it means that our dedicated mission to be the leading manufacturer and supplier in the market of these types of elevator systems is realizable! With the development of our latest AluLet HSCO elevator for installation outdoors which always comes with its own shaft, we have taken a quantum leap in the right direction.

Selvbærende elevatorskakt | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/SNew Product Specifications

All materials, mechanics and electronics have been developed for placement and endurance in the outdoor sometimes harsh Scandinavian climate. The shaft can be delivered not only in a self-supporting engine roomless construction, but also in a version that does not require binding to the building or balcony repository - but which is completely free standing! This is a special advantage when delivered to module or pavilion constructions or other types of light buildings that cannot necessarily absorb weight from the elevator tower.

The installation can be adapted in a palette of variations, with, for example, associated walkway to the building, or our completely unique folding doors in the shaft which ensures maximum lighting from the door but still does not occupy space in the room in front of the elevator or on the floor. As described, we are constantly developing the product to refine and meet the wishes and requirements of our customers and the market. But it is not only design details that we constantly develop on, also work processes and optimization about installation management are refined all the time.

Elevator indcraning ved Urban City | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/SInstallation time cut by 80%

Among other things, we have developed a handling of the assembly which cuts down the assembly time by more than 80% of the original assembly time! As something unique in the industry, we can pre-assemble the elevator and shaft as a complete unit at our factory and deliver the elevator system for erection or retrieval as a popularly fixed and finished "drop-and-go" unit. Not only does this reduce the disturbance on an often cramped and busy construction site, but also it also increases the quality assurance and reduces the risk of failures and downtime after commissioning at the site, by improving the quality control capabilities before dispatching the finished installation.

Elevator til modul og pavillionbyggeri | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S

Special interest for modular & pavilion construction

"As an alternative to traditional rope-born elevators, we see a very great interest from, for example, contractors and suppliers of modular and pavilion constructions", says owner and director Ulrik Oldenburg from HYDRO-CON Elevator.

"We meet our customers with a complete installation made specifically for outdoor placement, rather than a heavy combination of establishing an expensive elevator shaft and incorporating a traditional rope-worn elevator installation made for indoor placement.
Not only is the solution overall economically advantageous, we also facilitate both the work process and the handling of several subcontractors for our customers, and thus both the time spent on project coordination but also the risk of errors and misunderstandings between subcontracts that always can occur are minimized."

If you are interested in hearing more about our AluLet HSC lift please contact us for a talk, or read more here.

Video of an outdoor elevator mounted in Skibsager, Solrød

Bellow you can see an outdoor elevator mounted in Skibsaber, Solrød. The video displays the outdoor elevator from all angels and also in use.











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