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Our freight elevator is made with 5 variants of load capacities, that way you are sure to not have a more expensive solution than your needs require.

Freight elevator

AluLet HC250GEK, HC300GEK, HC400GEK,  HC500GEK & HC1000GEK (Hydro-Con (kg per lift) Goods Elevator Chain (Kæde)) are our freight elevators designed for both internal and external installation. The freight elevator is produced and installed with its own self-supporting shaft. By default, the shaft is produced in natural anodized aluminum, which is particularly hardy against the sometimes harsh Nordic climate. Interior chair sides and ceiling are made of galvanized sheet metal, and the floor of the chair is with aluminum floor covering (non-slip pattern plate), door is with double laminated safety glass. All materials that make the freight elevator a professional tool that can withstand rough and diligent use.

The freight elevator is suitable solely for the vertical transport of heavy loads, goods and freight, not for passenger transport. If you are looking for a solution that can carry people and goods, then the elevator, elevator lift and platform lift can do this, you can read more about how to choose the right solution in our elevator guide here.

The freight elevator's drive system and features

Our freight elevator is built around a duplicate roller chain drive system, which is known to be both reliable and stable. The machinery is mounted at the top of the shaft, which means that a separate machine room is unnecessary. This is a great advantage as you streamline space consumption, make it easier to find space to install the freight elevator, save construction time and costs, and get a safe and efficient installation. Furthermore, there is no need for thicks (pit under the shaft), the freight elevator can be mounted directly on top of existing floors. When mounted directly on top of the floor,a built-in ramp is included on the lowest floor, so that level differences of 70 mm is equalized, and driving freight into the freight elevator and unloading from it becomes easy and trouble free. If there is the possibility of 70mm pit, it is also an option so that 100% leveling is achieved on the lower floor as is also the case on other floors.

The lift elevator has a lift height up to 20 meters, with an infinite number of floors, the price depends on the number of doors, floors, lift height and shaft size. HYDRO-CON has the market's largest platform (cabin) dimensions in relation to shaft dimensions, no matter how narrow the space the freight elevator is set up in, the cabin space is optimized. Thus you get the best accessibility for goods that you must have transported between floors.

Installation options for the freight elevator

The freight elevator is designed to be built into existing storey buildings in very little space. It can be built into stairwells or anywhere between floors. The freight elevator is also very well suited for external installation, and is made of materials that can withstand the harsh Nordic climate and ensure you long and trouble-free usage of your product. The freight elevator is installed both in the private as well as the public sectors and can be used by kindergartens and other public institutions, in buildings, shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, factories, schools supermarkets, shopping centers, airports, warehouses, hospitals, and industrial companies. The installation time varies between half a day and a week depending on the conditions.

The cabin is a semi-closed elevator chair that is closed on all sides except the door side. The operation takes place with impulse pressure buttons from the floors, there is no operation from the cabin as the elevator is exclusively for goods. 

By investing in installing a freight elevator, you improve the working environment and limit the exposure of your employees to physical wear and tear, as well as allowing you to streamline workflows.

Advantates of a freight elevator

Our freight elevator, like our other products, can be supplied in many different sizes and with a variety of customization options. If you want glass shaft, it is no problem we produce in double laminated safety glass, or if you want a specific color it can also be arranged. The freight elevator comes as standard with manual doors but it is possible to adjust whether it should be an electric folding door. In addition, it is supplied as standard with a one-sided door, but two doors with central passage or angle doors can also be selected. We are specialists in adapting our products to narrow areas, where you as a customer still achieve maximum utilization of chair space.Prices vary according to adjustments and other conditions, so contact us and we will find the right price for you.

Technical data on AluLet goods elevators (HC250-1000GEK):

The technical data for the HC250-500GEK freight elevators are virtually identical as seen in the table below, the only major differences being how much the maximum weight load is and whether it must be placed inside at a stairwell, somewhere between the floor deck, or outside as free standing. The goodselevator which used to fall under our MiniLet seris, now falls under our AluLet series as it like all our other elevators is manufactured and installed in its own light weight aluminium shaft. 

The freight elevator can be installed where there is very little space and is available in different sizes. Below you can see the specific standard shaft sizes and platform dimensions, you can also download the datasheet to have an overall view. If you need other shaft sizes please contact us.

Type Freight elevator Freight elevator Freight elevator Freight elevator Freight elevator Unit
Model HC250GEK HC300GEK HC4000GEK HC5000GEK HC10000GEK -
Placement Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor -
Weight load (max) 250 300 400 500 1000 kg
People 0 0 0 0 0 -
Speed 0,14 0,14 0,14 0,14 0,14 m/sek
Shaft height 2100 2100 2100 2100 2100 mm
Door solution 680 680 920 920 920 mm
Door height 1600 1600 1600 1600 1600 mm
Top height 2100 2100 2100 2100 2100 mm
Thick depth 70 70 70 70 70 mm

Elevator for freight standard skaktstørrelser/ typer 

Freight elevator Shaft measurements Chair measurement (mm) Door solution Door
HC250GEK 1000 x 1000 730 x 860 680 Slagdør
HC300GEK 1000 x 1240 730 x 1100 680 Slagdør
HC400GEK 1240 x 1240 970 x 1100 920 Slagdør
HC500GEK 1240 x 1615 970 x 1475 920 Slagdør
HC000GEK 1340 x 1815 1000 x 1675 920 Slagdør

In & outdoor freight elevator gallery

With close to 5,000 established installations in Denmark, we have a broad repertoire of experience and customized solutions, so contact us if you do not think you have found what you are looking for.  

Download the freight elevator datasheet here

You can download the datasheet of our goods lifts as PDF by clicking below. The datasheet has specifications for all 4 variants of the freight elevator, with lifting capacity of, 250kg, 300kg, 400kg, 500kg and up to 1000kg respectively.











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