HYDRO-CON Elevator as main entrepreneur for Handicapformidlingen


HYDRO-CON as main entrepreneur

HYDRO-CON has been the main entrepreneur on an elevator project for Handicapformidlingen, the elevator was set up in Vildbjerg where Handicapformidlingen has acquired a new office. As the main contractor we had to manage the project from start to finish, meaning everything it required to build a new elevator. The project design had to include everything within the scope of removing the floor before installation to painting the walls after the installation of the new elevator.

Nearly all elevator projects are different, since there are differentiated needs and buildings unique dimensions – this is not a problem for HYDRO-CON Elevator, since one of the keywords in our production are adaptability corresponding with the customers specific needs.

“Everybody deserves a good day”

Handicapformidlingen is the largest administrator of BPA services in Denmark. Handicapformidlingen have a vision that states they want to create the feeling of safety and well-being for all the danish citizens with some sort of handicap.

What did they need?

Handicapformidlingen needed a elevatorbased solution to their problem, in particularly for the citizens with some sort of walking impairment or employee Thomas, wheelchairuser. The general problem was that the kitchen and conference rooms was in the basement, so Handicapformidlingen needed an elevator that could travel from basement to ground floor in a comfortable speed.

HYDRO-CON Elevator got this job through a very good contact of ours; Claus Toksvig from Workstep. HYDRO-CON Elevator and Claus started the challenge at once, which resulted in Handicapformidlingen had a fully functional elevator 12/8/2020. The site is now handicapfriendly.

Since every elevator project is special, a lot of dialog was necessary to meet the requirements of Handicapformidlingen.

We at HYDRO-CON Elevator are pleased to be able to create better access to all of the citizens in Denmark.

The installation of this specific elevator (Alulet LSPI (Low Speed Platform Indoor)) – has made Handicapformidlingen in Vildbjerg a better handicapfriendly place to work and visit. Learn more about this specific produkt on: Link

Why use HYDRO-CON Elevator

We have used HYDRO-CON Elevator as a business partner in numerous projects – we do it because that in our line of business it is very important to have trustworthy and professional partners – in these parameters HYDRO-CON Elevator delivers every single time.” - Claus Toksvig – Workstep

Contact us

Our phones are open from 08:30-16 monday-thursday and 08:30-15:30 on fridays.

If you want to know more about this specific project from our point of view, or you want us to make an accessibility solution for you or a project in which you are included, feel free to contact us at +45 48365400

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