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MRL Heavy Inlet elevator without shaft | HYDRO-CON A/S

The InLet MRL Heavy elevator is a built-in elevator with a lifting capacity of more than one ton. It is ideal for passengers as well as cargo.
MRL Heavy seen from above | HYDRO-CON A/S
MRL Heavy seen from above

InLet MRL Heavy Elevator

InLet MRL (Machine Room Less) Heavy Elevator is one of 3 of our traction elevators developed for internal mounting in existing concrete shafts. The InLet MRL Heavy elevator has the largest lifting capacity in the InLet MRL series, and can thus be used for passenger transport as well as freight.

The Inlet MRL Heavy elevator is a fast elevator that runs at a maximum speed of 1 meter per second. As a quick elevator solution, the InLet MRL Heavy elevator must comply with the Elevator Directive's standards for pit and top height. That is, the pit (dimensions below the shaft) must be a minimum of 1000 mm, and the top height (dimensions above the shaft) 3500 mm, for safety reasons. The elevator is suitable for running up to 45 meters vertically, which corresponds to approx. 16 stops  

Technical data for the InLet MRL Heavy Elevator:

The technical data for the MRL Heavy Elevator vary depending on the space available in the existing concrete shaft. Below you can get an overview of the lifting capacity and specifications of the dimensions of the cabin as well as the requirements of the shaft. We recommend installing the InLet MRL Heavy elevator only in indoor fstructures. If an outdoor solution is needed, we recommend our HSCO from our AluLet range for persons, and our freight elevator also from the AluLet elevator series for goods.

Common to the InLet MRL Heavy Elevator, regardless of dimensions and load capacity, is that it consists of a closed elevator chair and that operation is done at pulse pressure. The elevator has the passenger's safety and comfort as the first priority, with an aesthetic design and muted sound in the cabin. In addition, there is 2-way monitored elevator alarm.

Persons Max load Cabin Width Cabin Depth Door Opening Shaft Width Shaft Depth
14 1050 1200 2050 1000 1340 2410
17 1275 1400 2100 1100 2040 2460
21 1600 1450 2400 1100 2220 2760
26 2000 1600 2500 1200 2340 2860

Applies to all: Standard export, passenger transport, CE marked, for installation in concrete shaft. Done in accordance with DS/EN 81-20, EN 81-21, EN 81-70 & EN 81-28 (2006/42/EF = Machine Directive.)

InLet MRL Series

Our InLet MRL Series consists of 3 types of elevators, all of which are machine-roomless, tow-born and which can easily be built into existing concrete shafts. InLet MRL Starter, is the most economical and our most used product of the series. InLet MRL Rise, is designed for extremely high lifts and can handle up to 32 stops. Read more about the products by clicking below. Get the datasheet here.











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