Dismantling & Reassembling

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Dismantling and reassembling of elevators and stair lifts

HYDRO-CON A / S offers a completely unique service, namely that we provide dismantling and re-installation of our own products. We can guarentee that our products are made in such good quality that they are suitable for being reassembled at several locations. This has several benefits to the customer, primarily that the product is reused, and as sustainability is a key issue for us, we advocate that our customers can reuse their installations rather than throw away and buy new ones. Secondarily, there is a financial saving to the customers which it is relevant for, to not have to buy new products.

Decommissioning and restoration are primarily relevant for our outdoor vertical elevators (elevators, elevator lifts and platform lifts). Because they all come in their own self-supporting shaft, and can easily be dismantled, moved and reinstalled, without much change to the primary site. We offer the same service with stairlifts and indoor vertical installations (elevators, elevator lifts and platform lifts). However, in the case of indoor elevators, one must be aware that it requires a hole through the ceiling to enter and exit.

Who is this solution ideal for?

Dismantling and restoration is primarily an ideal solution for the construction industry that works with temporary pavilion / mobile construction. This can typically be at schools and nursing homes, where residents are resettled during a thorough renovation. When the renovation is over and the temporary pavilions are no longer needed, the elevators can be taken down and restored at the next resettlement.

Other industries this solution is relevant for is the public sector, which provides aids for elderly and sick citizens in their own private home. For example, stairlifts or an elevator solution is allocated which after a while is no longer  relevant or necessary.

How does it work in practice?

The process of dismantling and restoring is quite simple and effective in practice. You contact us and we arrange when we  should come dismantle the installation.  On the agreed date, we dismantle the installation at the customer site and transport it to a storage until it is to be reinstalled. When it is to be reinstalled we come out and crane it in and mount it at the new location. If the installation does not quite fit the new location, it can always be adapted to the new surroundings. In this way, you save money and choose a more sustainable solution.











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