Halloween Tivoli - accessible to everyone and thing


Denmark's most spooky Halloween atmosphere

On Thursday the 31st of October it is once again the annual feast day for ghosts, skeletons and all sorts of creepy characters - Halloweens celebration day. One can only say that the American-Irish custom with strong superstitious and religious roots has seriously gained ground in Denmark over the last few years. With the end of the summer season and the beginning of a darker time, the Danes are eager to hollow out and carve pumpkins to decorate and light up the garden before the Christmas light season commences.

The name itself stems from a contraction of All Hollow's Eve. The traditions of Halloween are a mix of Celtic rituals, classical myths and religion, and in Zealand, for many, it has also become a time when there is a tradition of going to Halloween Tivoli.

Tivoli Halloween | HYDRO-CON A/SSince 2006, Tivoli has provided Denmark's most accomplished Halloween atmosphere, with rides, beautiful decor, Haunted House, seasonal delights for the palate and more. 94% of visiting guests in 2018 stated they probably or definitely would recommend Halloween Tivoli to others.

Tivoli celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2018, thus introducing their new extended opening hours of 282 days a year. They are by far the most visited tourist attraction in Denmark with 4,854 million guests passing through the garden last year, and with a total staff of 2,000 people. There is no doubt that it is a huge machine to run and make accessible to people as well as goods, and we at HYDRO-CON are proud to be able to contribute a little bit to it.

Accessible for everyone and thingDæmonen i Tivoli | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S

HYDRO-CON A / S has about 10 installations at various locations in Tivoli. They are a mixture of passenger and freight stair lifts as well as platform lifts in their own self-supporting shafts. These installations help ensure accessibility for people who have difficulty walking, wheelchair users and strollers as well as transporting goods up and down stairs from basement storage rooms. Our oldest installation in Tivoli is a HandiLet wheelchair lift which was installed in 1997, which still runs impeccably today, almost 23 years later.

Most people are familiar with the roller coaster, the Demon, with its 3 loops and 28 meters freefall, you are guaranteed butterflies in your stomach. The demon is actually among Tivoli's top 5 attractions, and just next to the stairs is one of the HYDRO-CON platform lifts that have been installed in Tivoli. It is from 2004, and helps ensure that the amusement is accessible to everyone - well those who dare.

Dæmon i Tivoli elevator | HYDRO-CON A/S

In addition, several HandiLet passenger stairlift installations have also been installed over the years. To name a few, one can be found by the vending machine hall, by Tivoli's Concert Hall, at Puslehuset (family center) and at Restaurant Viften. They are all used mutliple times on a daily basis.

To ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes, there are also several of our TrapLet freight stair lifts to be found around the garden, including at the Hardrock Café, down to a storage basement by the Demon and by the toilet as seen in the photo below. With stair lifts, you have easier access to basement rooms, and your avoid damaging your own or employees' backs due to heavy lifting.

Tivoli lager trappelift | HYDRO-CON Elevator A/S

You can still make it

If you haven't been to Halloween Tivoli yet this year, you still have time. They are open til the 3rd of November.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween from us!











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