Accessibility can easily be created for a storey building


Accessibility solution for rental property

In March, HYDRO-CON was contacted by the Owner of an existing rental property she was interested in making the property more accessible inorder to make it more attractive for her current and potential future tenants. We assisted her with consulting on everything from solutions, down to specifications such as forces, statics and size for preparation of pit for an outdoor elevator.

She wound up ordering a 3 stop LSCO (Low Speed ​​Cabin Outdoor) elevator lift which is especially suitable for outdoor placement in the Nordic weather. It comes with its own shaft, and has a closed cabin, which is called and driven by impulse pressure. You can read more about the LSCO model here.

From order to Installation

On Friday morning the full elevatorlift was removed from our production in Gilleleje, to be transported to the new installation site. As the unit is delivered as a single unit, with shaft, machinery, and cabin all in one, transport and setup are easily done. The assembly could almost be completed on the same day.

Growthhouse as tenant

One of the tenants of the construction is the Growthhouse, which is a commercial fund whose purpose is to bring people into working communities, despite the fact that for various reasons they have a hard time finding a place where they belong. It may be prejudice, ignorance or individual challenges such as illness or abuse that prevent them from being able to do it themselves. Therefore, the Growthhouse works closely with people to create the changes in their lives that can bring them closer to the community. Of course, this means accessibility to their premises is key, as they have many clients on a daily basis, where there need to be an alternative to the stairs if for example they have a walking disability or are wheelchair bound. With the newly installed elevator lift this no longer poses a problem.

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